About Boudo

bpc3.jpg My name is Boudewijn, which I abbreviated to Boudo. I am 49 years old. After following a few studies and doing several jobs I ended up dedicating myself in 1993 to the liberal arts, especially photography. I didn't follow an art school, I just started working.
I prefer taking pictures in the neighbourhood where I live, which is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Many pictures were made within a radius of about 15 kilometers from my house. I still prefer to use 35 mm. color slides but nowadays I use mostly digital cameras. Since 1999 I also make lamps out of bicycle lamps.

picture by Victoria Foster (2008)

Prices on application

color prints, size 12x16" (30x40 cm.)
B&W prints, size 12x16"
Different sizes are possible.
All pictures by Boudo (c) 2012


Boudo (Boudewijn Rückert)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
phone: +31 20 7850141
mobile: +31 6 44352848
email: Boudo@telfort.nl

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